Book Club

Welcome to the CALAWIM Book Club!

We all know that reading is a solitary activity but when a book has had a profound effect on us, we want to share our experience with someone else.  That’s where a good Book Club gives you the opportunity to discuss what you liked about the book, what you didn’t like and what the other group members thought too.

The CALAWIM Book Club is an informal group that meets on the first Saturday afternoon of the month at Bar Restaurante Solare, Turre and will have a mix of books from international best sellers.  The meetings will last around two hours, depending on the subject matter and people attending.  Noreen, our Group Facilitator, will run the meeting and make sure everyone has their say.

Why should you join the Book Club?

  • To widen your horizons on the kind of books you read
  • To discover new authors and writers
  • To improve and develop your knowledge of how to access free books online
  • To increase your social circle and meet likeminded people

What you need to commit to

  • Reading the recommended book each month
  • To come to a meeting once a month (if you are available)
  • To be prepared to talk about the Book of the Month
  • To be prepared to nominate books for members to read
  • To meet new people, relax and have fun!

How do you join?

This is a free benefit of being a member of CALAWIM.  Just send us an email headed up “Book Club” to to book your free place.  To find out when the next meeting is being held, go to Events for 2019 and click on the relevant month.