Welcome to Come and Look at What I Made – the Club that encompasses the natural phenomena of the beautiful and enchanting area we live in – its history, its culture, its artisans and its geology, through the eyes of the people who live and work here.

Join our Club and learn more about the wonderful area that we live in.  Visit the local area, learn more about the wine grown here by visiting the bodegas and tasting the wine, eat the local delicacies at handpicked restaurants, be amazed by the workmanship of the local artisans, meet the local artists and join the various Clubs within the Club to enrich your lifestyle.  We have a Book Club, a Wine Tasting Club, a Lunch Club, a Snooker Club and a Quilting Club – and that is just for starters!

Most of our demonstrations will be FREE OF CHARGE to our Members but if a cost is incurred, you will be informed when the outing or demonstration is announced on the CALAWIM website.

Sign up today – all you have to do is send an email to welcome@comeandlookatwhatimade.club and you will receive all the details and a Membership Form to complete.

Individual Membership is €15 per annum

Joint Membership (two people) is €20 per annum

A member may bring a guest to any of the Club outings or demonstrations but there is a nominal charge of €10 per guest.  A guest may attend two outings or demonstrations but will be asked to join the Club after that.  It is actually more cost effective to join the Club as a Member than to be a guest.

Due to various factors, the Club will not arrange outings or demonstrations during the months of July and August – unless we discover something unmissable!